Case Study: Perfectly Planned Storage

What Makes Great Closet Storage?

Great closet storage can be deceptively simple. Today I’m sharing a chic white closet in a meticulous client’s midtown Tulsa condo. Here’s what makes this closet so special.

A Healthy Balance

Excellent custom closets are as much about what you see as what you don’t. This client wanted to minimize visual clutter to make his closet feel impeccably tidy. He made brilliant use of closet doors and drawers to conceal his shoe rack and stacks of folded clothing.


Closet doors and drawers present a prime opportunity to further customize your closet. This client selected upgraded satin nickel drawer hardware on flat-panel white cabinets. The effect is streamlined elegance. Closets of Tulsa offers a beautiful variety of cabinet door and drawer styles and hardware for every taste and budget.

Cloud Master Closet Close Drawers 11.15.18.jpg

Better Than a Ring.

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Perfectly Planned Clothes Storage

A well-edited shopping zone is essential for optimizing the feel and functionality of your closet. This client has relatively minimalist storage habits that keep his closet looking fabulous with very little effort. He keeps only what he actually wears! Closets of Tulsa made sure he has the perfect spaces for everything he needs to store.


Knowing what to keep; how to clean out your closet; and where to donate, sell and re-home your stuff does not come easily to everyone. The Closet Blog is full of actionable storage tips to bring you more enjoyment from your storage and your stuff. Got questions? Call us!

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Crown Molding

Custom base molding and crown molding make this closet organizer feel like it’s always been part of our client’s home. This clean, traditional look will never go out of style. In a custom closet, crown molding placement depends on your personal aesthetic and storage preferences. For example, some clients want open shelving at the top of the closet instead of crown molding all around. Closets of Tulsa plans your storage to the last detail so it fits you perfectly. Call us today for a FREE consultation and 3-D closet design:


Great Clothes Hangers

The beautiful wooden clothes hangers in this closet perfectly match our client’s classic, tailored aesthetic.

I get asked about clothes hangers a lot. Here are the clothes hangers I use in my own closets and why.

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