When more is more: Closet drawers!

Why Closet Drawers are Always a Good Idea

Closet drawers can make a world of difference in your custom closet design. Whether you're an expert at folding clothes, hope to get there eventually, or just need a place to hide clutter sometimes, a great set of drawers can make or break your organization game! I recommend them for closets of every size and budget. 


Storage Tips for Closet Drawers

Our clients request closet drawers for many different storage needs. One of the most creative uses I've seen is a dedicated drawer for emptying your pockets. The wallet, keys and change drawer is a major clutter buster and can help keep the peace in a shared closet. Here's one option from our TAG Hardware line of closet storage elements.

Closets of Tulsa TAG Hardware Closet Organizer Drawer

Here's another closet drawer that might surprise you:

The tie organizer! 

Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer Scoop Front Drawer Tie Organizer

A velvet lined jewelry drawer can permanently solve chronic (and incredibly common) chaos in your jewelry collection. Organizing your tangled necklaces and piles of bracelets helps you see what you have so you can wear more of it and uncollect the rest.

Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer Velvet Lined Jewelry Drawer

Below is a beautiful example of a custom closet organizer with well-planned jewelry storage. This client chose a simple scoop front drawer to keep her jewelry and accessories storage looking clean, elegant and organized. I love how this seemingly basic detail packs so much functionality and aesthetic value.

Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer Scoop Front Jewelry Drawer

Achieving the Boutique Look in Your Closet

The photo above might have you thinking, "Is that a custom closet or a professionally staged retail display?!" :) Many of our clients want closets that look and feel like a boutique. Achieving this level of chic means being selective with what you display.

Imagine the closet below without the built in drawer system. With every item on open shelving, it might feel chaotic. The impeccable organization might also be quite difficult to maintain! Built in closet drawers break up the visual field and give you different ways to store your things. 

Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer Built In Drawers

Here's a more streamlined, modern example with a built in laundry hamper in the lower left.

Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer Drawers Shoe Rack
Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer Drawer System

Ways to Customize Your Closet Drawers

With custom colors, styles, finishes and hardware, Closets of Tulsa has options to suit nearly every taste and budget. Your custom closet is a brilliant investment with a lifetime guarantee—it's well worth your time to choose a look you'll love long-term.

Closet drawers by Closets of Tulsa are full extension, meaning you'll never have to reach into the shadows to see what's at the back!

Our drawers come with a variety of options:


Custom drawer sizes

Velvet lining for ANY DRAWER

Drawer partitionS

Drawer organizer trays

CustoM Drawer hardware

scoop front drawers for easy opening

Soft close drawer glides

Custom Drawer colors and styles

Closets of Tulsa TAG Hardware Closet Organizer

One of my favorite drawer styles is the pillow top. The crisp edges and smooth finish create a fresh, sophisticated look with a touch of glamour. Here's a fabulous example from a custom closet designed for my client's tall ceiling.

Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer White Walk In Closet
Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer Drawers

Closet Islands with Drawers 

Have a specific layout in mind or some extra room to play with your closet design? Consider a custom closet island packed with convenient drawers. Clients use their closet islands for many purposes: folding and sorting laundry, wrapping gifts, packing and unpacking luggage, planning outfits and more!

During your free consultation, we'll show you what's possible with a 3-D closet design that lays it all out.

Closets of Tulsa Custom Closet Organizer White Shaker Cabinets Drawers Storage Island

Ready to maximize your available space with custom closet storage that fits your life?

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