Storage Support: Drawer Organizers and Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Tidy from the Inside Out with Drawer Organizers and Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Drawer organizers and shelf dividers support long-term tidiness by adding a little extra structure to your closet. I’ve already shared why we use drawers in our custom closet designs. You’ve also seen our effortless soft close drawer slides in action. But what about the things inside? Drawer organizers and shelf dividers are a simple way to keep clothing and accessories in order.

Coordinating drawer dividers by TAG Hardware for Closets of Tulsa beautifully organize our upholstered drawers of any depth.

Drawer Dividers

Above is a beautiful example of coordinating drawer dividers from our TAG Hardware line of upholstered closet drawers and streamlined storage features. Well-planned drawer dividers make it easy to keep your undergarments and small accessories tidy. This drawer feels more like a boutique display! Imagine starting every day here.

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Our upholstered drawers come in several fabrics and finishes, with different depths to suit your storage needs. Sweaters, T-shirts, socks, jeans—simple drawer organizers keep them sorted. These drawers come standard with soft close drawer slides—here’s how they work:

Removable Jewelry Organizers

I’ve talked before about jewelry storage on the Closet Blog, but here’s one example I haven’t shared. This simple acrylic jewelry organizer works beautifully in our velvet lined jewelry drawers. Take a look—and notice that this drawer has our standard closing hardware. (Request soft close drawer slides for an easy upgrade.)

Here’s another great option from our TAG Hardware storage line. This retractable upholstered closet shelf is perfect for storing stacks of jeans or folding laundry, or as your catch-all spot for emptying your pockets: think wallet, keys, sunglasses and change.

Add a removable drawer organizer to keep it all straight.

I LOVE this feature!

This retractable upholstered shelf by Closets of Tulsa converts to a jewelry tray with a coordinating removable drawer organizer.

Itching to get organized this fall?


Keep your wallet, keys and change safe at the end of the day or display your jewelry in style with this removable jewelry organizer and retractable upholstered shelf by Closets of Tulsa.

Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Acrylic closet shelf dividers keep all kinds of things in place. This handy feature clips onto your closet shelving to maximize style and function while claiming minimal real estate in your closet.

Use acrylic shelf dividers by Closets of Tulsa to keep sweaters, purses and other items neatly organized.

Your optimal quantity and placement of shelf dividers will depend on your storage needs and preferences. Here are just a few ways to use our acrylic shelf dividers:

Place shelf dividers between purses To Keep them Upright and Organized.

Keep sweaters and T-shirts Tidy in Separate stacks

Divide Storage Space down the middle, into thirds, or asymmetrically.

Acrylic shelf dividers by Closets of Tulsa maximize available storage by cleanly dividing closet shelving space.

Here’s a closer look at our acrylic shelf divider:

Acrylic shelf dividers by Closets of Tulsa add minimally obtrusive structure to your closet organizer.

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