Our favorite closet storage boxes

Springtime in Tulsa has me cleaning out drawers, sorting through clutter and giving my home storage systems a reboot. Spring cleaning feels fantastic, but reorganizing can create some new storage challenges. That's why today, I'm sharing my favorite closet storage boxes! Some of these are available directly through Closets of Tulsa—contact us for details! 

I've said it before: When it comes to your closet, cardboard is not the answer! Cardboard boxes detract from your home's aesthetic and send the not-so-subtle message that your stuff is junk. Recycle that s#*%!

Attractive storage boxes are an ideal solution for getting your closet organized and keeping it that way. Here are two storage boxes by TAG Hardware, available right now from Closets of Tulsa.

Grey Upholstered Storage Box for Custom Closet Organizer by Closets of Tulsa
Upholstered Storage Box for Custom Closet Organizer by Closets of Tulsa

Unless your garage storage game is all figured out, you're probably still using space in your closet for off-season clothes storage. Sweaters, shoes, accessories, and even mementos you aren't ready to part with—store it all in stylish storage boxes. A beautiful storage box can be visually pleasing and extremely helpful—items stay organized, and your closet looks cleaner.

Here are some storage boxes I've used in my own closet over the years. 

Grey Closet Storage Boxes for Sweaters
Upholstered Closet Storage Box for Scarves
Grey Closet Storage Boxes and Shoe Rack
Storage Boxes for Shoe Rack

Quality storage boxes can be hard to find, but they're so worth the investment. Here's one of my favorite uses: storage for clutch purses!

Custom Shoe Rack with Purse Storage Box

Now take a look at the grey storage boxes in the project below, an awesome custom closet install from 2017. By eliminating clutter and simplifying the closet shelves, they have a delightfully calming effect.

Custom Closet Organizer with Storage Boxes and Shoe Rack by Closets of Tulsa

Let Closets of Tulsa find the best storage boxes for your stuff—while we're at it, we'll throw in a FREE consultation and 3-D closet design! We can't wait for you to see what's possible. Call TODAY to put it on the calendar.