Welcome to the Closet Blog!

Well-designed closets give me peace.

I want the same for my friends and clients. Wherever you are with your closet, I hope you'll look to the Closet Blog for storage solutions that inspire joy and improve your quality of life. I'll use this space to share approachable tips and encouragement for purging, editing, organizing, overhauling and maintaining your closet.

I challenge you to try some of the simple steps I’ll share here on the Closet Blog. If you don’t find your own sense of peace, joy, or even just a little relief, I want to hear about it! 

I hope you’ll also contact me with the questions you've been stockpiling in your closet. Find me on Facebook at Closets of Tulsa or email me, jane@closetsoftulsa.com. And check back often—your storage challenge might be the subject of my next blog post!

I’ll leave you with this question: What is your goal—what do you want your closet to look and feel like? To get some feedback, share your answer in an email, a Facebook comment or the space below.


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